Friday 26 February 2016

WE ARE OPEN  12 -7PM    Artist Walk and Talk Saturday 27th February  5.30-6.30pm
A Few Photos

A massive thank you to everyone who came to the opening on Thursday, and to all who came on Friday, it has been amazing.
Last day today we are open from 12 - 7pm and there will be an
Artist's Walk and Talk from 5.30pm
All are welcome.

COUNTER_FITTERS    David Ben White     Rosalind Davis

Nick Kaplony

Amazing spaces and changes of atmosphere as you traverse the different spaces.
Alice Wilson  Sasha Bowles
Hermione Allsopp      Freddie Robins       David Ben White
Marion Michell     Alex March
Alex March


Evy Jokhova      Jane Hayes Greenwood

This is just a small taste of the incredible works by  the COUNTER_FITTER artists  -----  And there is so much more, come down today to see this beautiful dilapidated building seeped in domestic history. Each artist's work has a poignant resonance with different aspects of this space and the surrounding area of King's Cross-enhancing/ interweaving/ subtly changing. A fleeting chance to engage with a piece of King's Cross history  - captured in time- resonating personal histories - balanced on the edge of change.

Hope to see you later.....We close at 7pm!!!!

.......and then we are gone.........................


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