Saturday 20 February 2016

ROSALIND DAVIS    A Few Questions and Answers

Rosalind Davis is an artist whose central concerns are transformation, space, process, material and surface and is informed by architecture. 
Davis’ paradoxical works imagine a multifaceted set of possibilities for both visualizing physical and psychological spaces.  Beginning with the rationalised objective geometries of architecture, multiple buildings, spaces and structures are collaged together and reconfigured. Through these processes Davis creates complex, disorienting, irrational, and subjective structures across multiple disciplines.

Highlighting the disparity between the imagined and real the work re-claims the failed ideals of modernist space by creating an intimate and personalised space of one’s own making. Interior and exterior space are both suggested and physicalised through a process of emergent materialisation which simultaneously navigates relationships between the personal and the systematic / architectural.

The imagery within the paintings and drawings are literally pinned down, sewn up and threaded together. Threads act as restraints; their tautness both connecting and dissecting physical and psychological boundaries into shattered geometric planes and shards. Thread traditionally refers to the domestic process of making, repair and creation whilst here it is employed with an uncharacteristically hard edged aesthetic sensibility that punctures the overtly male domain of architecture and modernism with a feminised gesture.

Recently Davis has been working on site specific installations; combining painting, thread, 3d form and drawing, utilizing light, form and shadow to interact with these mediums. This process connects and disconnecting physical and psychological boundaries, constructing multiple thresholds, spaces and dimensions in both 2 & 3d.  

Counter_Fit.  2016
Can you describe your practice in a few words?
It's about transforming spaces.....

What is your earliest memory of art?
Boobs everywhere, so to speak.....

What does this sort of space bring to your work?
What non-white cube spaces can offer is just a really fascinating regenerative way to make work.....
We need more non-white cube spaces please.

What is the future for art?
The big question....!

What projects do you have coming up in the future?
Busy, busy....
Rosalind Davis is an artist-curator and a graduate of The Royal College of Art (2005) and Chelsea College of Art (2003). Davis works across multiple disciplines, connecting and disconnecting physical and psychological boundaries, constructing multiple thresholds, spaces and dimensions in both 2 & 3d. Davis has exhibited nationally and internationally.  Davis has had several solo shows in London; the Bruce Castle Museum (2013), John Jones Project Space, Julian Hartnoll Gallery (2009) The Residence Gallery (2007) and The Stephen Lawrence Centre. Selected group exhibitions have been at the Courtauld Institute, Transition Gallery, the Lion and Lamb Gallery, CoExist, The Roundhouse, Phoenix Brighton, ASC Gallery, APT Gallery, The Modern Language Experiment, Lubomirov Angus Hughes Gallery and she has been selected for The ING Discerning Eye and the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize.  Her work is held in a number of private collections and a public collection.
Davis has managed and developed two artist led arts organizations; Zeitgeist Arts Projects (ZAP) 2012-16 and Core Gallery 2009-11, based in London. Through these she co-directed and delivered an innovative and dynamic artist’s educational, membership and exhibition programme.  Davis has curated a number of exhibitions. In 2016 she is curating Complicity at Collyer Bristow Gallery, co-curating with Sasha Bowles and Evy Jokhova at Geddes Gallery and has co-curated with Annabel Tilley Standpoint Gallery (2015) and ZAP.  Davis lectures for universities, galleries and art organisations across the country including the Royal College of Art, the ICA, Camden Arts Centre. University of the Arts and ArtQuest and runs short courses in Social Media Marketing and Arts Management for UAL.
Davis has led art tours for the ICA ( London and Boston) , South London Art Map and the Whitechapel Gallery and contributed to BBC4’s Film ‘Tales of Winter.’ As a writer she has recently been commissioned by Octopus Books to co-write a book called: What they didn’t teach you at art school’ which will be internationally distributed.

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